Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy Cool Makeover

Ahhhh…. That feels MUCH better! Sometimes the best thing to get you motivated is a little makeover! :) And, well, call it the preschool teacher still in me, but I am a Seasons Gal. Many people spend tons of money making sure their home looks a certain way, captures a certain style or embraces a theme. But me? I like to keep people guessing.

Actually, it truly did begin when I taught preschool and I loved how I got to switch out the room every season, every holiday and make the room SPECIAL for the children. Help create a rhythm in our classroom that matched life and the happenings in the world outside. And I guess I sort of carried that with me. Even before my husband and I had children, I still was a seasons/holiday fanatic—and it was fun! But believe me, once children came onto the scene—funTABULOUS! I just love to celebrate life in general, and for me changing our home with the seasons is a reflection of that, and provides natural breaks in the rhythm of our daily life where we can just take a minute and say, “Yay! It’s spring! (or summer, or autumn, winter…or Wednesday :))

When I don’t change things up, I get reeeeeallly bored. (Hence my ADD hair color.) But for any of my readers who started out with me, please don’t think I just got bored with this blog. Life got the best of me there, with too much on my plate, and not even time to stop and celebrate TODAY. (Seriously, Friends…I didn’t even decorate for Fourth of July this year!!! …hangs head in shame.) But I’m back, Baby. Yes, I’m back in graduate school. Yes, I begin homeschooling next week again (check out my new homeschooling blog if you want to follow that fun! http://happyathomeblog.blogspot.com/ ) But I need to pause and make time for Me in my day as well. A creative person needs a creative outlet. Otherwise you will find me getting myself into trouble with my hairdresser again….(“Tweezers are not for playing arts and crafts time with your eyebrows!” was her exact quote.) Yep. I got banned from using tweezers. And so I’m back to blogging.

Hope you guys like the new fall festivities on this blog. I’ve been holding out on dragging out the fall d├ęcor in the house ‘til it actually turns autumn…but hey. Here-- It just had to be done. I think another part of me really didn’t like coming to this spot to blog anymore because my last serious post was about Miguel. And it just made me sad. But, it’s been a year now, since poor Miggle went to the big doggie park in the sky. He’s got a new leash on life. It’s time this blog did too.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shiny New Blog

Hey Crazy People! :)
I know it's been forever since I posted last; but you'll find out why and see what I've been busy creating on my New Dream (gotta love Tangled! :)) If you like what you see and want to show some love, please follow me on my new blog "Happy@Home!" It's rough still today, but am ready to fly with it. Check it out here: http://www.happyathomeblog.blogspot.com/.

Love you all!!
Still Shinin',